Tucked away from the tourist traffic of El Nido, Palawan, is a secret hideaway: Floral Island Resort. The resort is just an hour’s drive away from El Nido Airport and is nestled on the island of Talacanen. The beach resort is secluded and offers an exclusive and private retreat for travelers seeking tranquility, luxury, and natural splendor. From beachfront accommodations, mouthwatering seafood dishes, and unforgettable island activities, Floral Island Resort promises a getaway like no other.

Only 1 Hour from El Nido

Situated just outside the bustling tourist hubs of Palawan, Floral Island Resort features a location that offers the perfect balance of seclusion and accessibility. Far from the crowds and noise, the resort provides a serene oasis where guests can unwind and reconnect with nature. Whether arriving by ship or air, the journey to Floral Island Resort sets the stage for an unforgettable escape, with breathtaking views of Palawan’s pristine coastline welcoming travelers to this secluded paradise.

Alternatively, Floral Island Resort is 4 hours away by van from Puerto Princesa Airport. This gateway to Palawan is known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site, the enchanted Puerto Princesa Underground River. This is the world’s second longest navigable underwater cave, spanning more than 8 kilometers. From Manila or Cebu, flights going to Puerto Princesa are about a half or a third of the price, compared to flights going to El Nido, Palawan.

Beachfront Accommodations

At Floral Island Resort, guests are treated to luxurious beachfront accommodations that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. From cozy beach cottages to spacious villas overlooking the turquoise waters of the sea, every room is designed to provide comfort, privacy, and uninterrupted views of Palawan’s stunning landscapes. Wake up to the sound of gentle waves lapping against the shore and bask in the golden glow of sunrise from the comfort of your own private paradise.

Exclusive and Private Beaches

One of the highlights of a stay at Floral Island Resort is the access to exclusive and private beaches. With pristine white beaches at your doorstep, you’ll have the opportunity to escape the crowds and immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of Palawan’s shores. Whether you prefer to lounge on a secluded stretch of sand, explore islands nearby, or snorkel in crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life, the resort’s private beaches and island hopping eco-tours offer endless opportunities for relaxation and adventure.

Delicious Seafood Dishes

No visit to Palawan is complete without indulging in the region’s renowned seafood cuisines, and Floral Island Resort doesn’t disappoint. From freshly caught fish to succulent shrimp and delectable crab, the resort’s culinary offerings showcase the best of Palawan’s coastal cuisine. Whether you’re dining at the beachfront restaurant or enjoying a private dinner under the stars, every meal is a culinary journey that celebrates the flavors of the sea.

Island Hopping with Giant Turtle Experience

Beyond its pristine beaches and beachfront accommodations, Floral Island Resort offers a wealth of island activities to satisfy the adventurous spirit. Explore the islands in Taytay Bay, kayak around the Floral Island, snorkel among vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life, or hike to the island’s summit at sunrise or sunset to witness breathtaking landscapes bathed in golden light.

For a truly unforgettable experience, don’t miss the opportunity to interact with giant green turtles at the resort’s island hopping eco-tour. Learn about these majestic creatures, participate in conservation efforts, and swim with these gentle giants at the sanctuary. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for Palawan’s rich biodiversity.

Book Your Secluded Beach Escape Today

Escape the crowds and discover the hidden gem of Floral Island Resort. With its secluded location, beachfront accommodations, delicious seafood dishes, and unforgettable island activities, it’s the perfect destination for travelers seeking a tranquil retreat in Palawan. Book your stay now and experience the beauty and serenity of this secluded beach paradise. Your secluded beach escape awaits at Floral Island Resort.

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