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Floral Island Resort is a secluded, private island retreat in Palawan. Just one hour from El Nido, this tropical island hideaway is nestled in the middle of Talacanen Island and offers a serene, adventure-filled, and exclusive ambiance for your family and friends.

A Superhost on AirBnb, Floral Island Resort is rented out to groups of 6 to 24 guests. You can enjoy the island in privacy while being just outside the tourist traffic of Palawan. Other than holidays and vacations, we also accept intimate weddings (up to 40 people), events, and celebrations.

With an open-air restaurant, seven beachfront rooms, and one honeymoon cottage by the cliff, Floral Island offers a peaceful and relaxing vacation surrounded by nature. We have refreshing drinks and wine, bonfire and smores, a floating raft, a diving board, and a lovely massage hut. You won’t run out of things to do.

Island hopping, giant turtle experience, and waterfalls exploration are premium services we can add upon request. And for those up for a dare, you may hike to the top of the limestone cliff and have a rewarding 360 degree view of the island, the beautiful Taytay Bay, and the golden sun.

We are proud to be part of the Coral Triangle Initiative, an international project planting artificial coral reefs to support our thriving ecosystems. Visit our coral domes and giant clam garden just in front of the resort. Be a CORAL HERO and plant some corals yourself!

We welcome everybody who loves nature and respects the environment. Help us keep our place authentic, peaceful, and pristine. Protect the wildlife and the rich biodiversity of the island. Take unforgettable island life experiences with you… and leave the rest behind!

Feel the island days, the island ways, the deep blue sea, the sun, and the sunny rays.


We have committed to preserve the island by using solar power, conserving water, restoring the coral reefs, and taking care of its marine life. In this island vacation, you’ll sleep in a tropical villa or bamboo hut on the beachfront, and be soothed by the sound of waves and the breeze. Our rooms are carefully designed in beach vacation villas, and two of them have unique, outdoor bathrooms. At Floral Island Resort, you can make your vacation as memorable as you wish and truly have an unforgettable tropical island experience.



A unique dining experience awaits you at Floral Island Resort, where you will receive unparalleled personal service and distinctive cuisines set against breathtaking views.

The Clubhouse

Perched on a limestone cliff, it offers a stunning view of Taytay Bay and its surrounding landscape. The Clubhouse’s elevated vantage point, allows diners to enjoy a picturesque and serene setting that provides a perfect backdrop for guests to enjoy their meals in tranquility.

Floral Island Resort - Private Dining and Wedding Proposals

Private Dining

We offer private dining upon request, which allows guests to enjoy a more intimate and personalized dining experience with a touch of personalized service and tailored menus. It is perfect for those celebrating special occasions, such as anniversaries or wedding proposals.

Grill n' Chill

Experience and enjoy a natural and rustic setting for cooking, especially grilling fresh seafood caught straight from the ocean. Relish stories around the fire, play some music, and drink liquors and cocktails from a variety of choices.


We are committed to promoting wellness and holistic living. Our serene and natural surroundings provide the perfect environment for relaxation, reflection, and rejuvenation. We offer a range of wellness activities and services, such as yoga, meditation, and massages, to help our guests unwind and recharge.  Experience the benefits of wellness and holistic living in a beautiful and peaceful setting.


Enjoy bonding with your favorite people through our island activities and eco-tours. We highly recommend the planting of baby corals in our coral garden, and harvesting sea urchins, an Asian delicacy. for tasting. Other than fun times at our diving board, snorkeling at our coral gardens, and kayaking around the island, our guests mostly enjoy our two eco-tours. Explore the wonderful islands nearby and swim with giant sea turtles, or trek through the jungle and discover the three waterfalls there. These unique experiences are unforgettable and make life worth cherishing.

Floral Island Resort - Beach Swimming, Snorkeling, and Fish Feeding

Water activities

Swimming, snorkeling, and fish feeding

See various fish, giant clams, starfishes, etc.

Board jumping (5 ft) into the sea

Kayak or paddle boat around the island

Chill on a floating raft in the middle of the sea

Explore secluded beaches and landmarks

Witness glowing planktons at night

ISLAND activities

Volleyball, badminton, and frisbee

Foosball, board games, and card games

Karaoke / Sing-a-long

Outdoor movie night on the beach

300+ steps or 15 min hike to the Cliff

Bonfire with cocktails and/or marshmallows

Watch the sunrise, sunset, and the stars

Floral Island Resort - Island Hopping with Giant Sea Turtle Experience

premium activities

Cocktails and music on an outdoor setting

Massage with bay view

Coral Planting Experience

Sea Urchin and Starfish Experience

Island Hopping with Giant Turtle Experience

Jungle Trek and Three Waterfalls

Island Hopping in El Nido


Celebrate your special day in a ultimate luxury setting. With breathtaking ocean views, spacious event venues, and customizable catering and entertainment options, our resort is the perfect choice for your event or wedding. We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs and budget, and our dedicated event planning team will work with you to ensure that your celebration is truly unforgettable. Contact us today to start planning your event or wedding at our private island resort.

Recent AirBnb Reviews

Our stay at Floral Island was nothing short of amazing! The island is so gorgeous and all the villas and communal areas were so beautiful and well done! The owner, Martin, welcomed us and immediately made us feel at home. Our host Josh and all of the staff were incredible and so friendly. We really appreciated the time and effort that everyone at the resort put into making our trip special! Recommending this stay to any and everyone I can and can’t wait to come back!
Fort Worth, Texas, USA
January 2024
Thank you Philipe, Martin, and Flora for being amazing hosts. From my inquiry in October 2022 throughout the entire trip, you were wonderful. Your property should be in the dictionary next to peace and serenity. To Josh and Cherry — WE LOVE YOUR ENERGY AND ASSISTANCE. STAY FABULOUS! To Alona — The massages were everything. If I could, I would have gotten 2 every day. We all wish we could squeeze in one more. You are gifted! To John & Mimi — The food!!! The variety, the freshness, and the attentiveness to the 1 person's shellfish allergy were much appreciated. The birthday and NYE cake were delicious! To the rest of the staff — From the El Nido pickup, to the boat captains, housekeeping, groundskeeping, and anyone else, THANK YOU! I LOOK FORWARD TO BOOKING MANY MORE TIMES. PHENOMENAL!!!
Clayton, Delaware, USA
January 2024
This was the most incredible stay. We all had the most amazing time and rest. This place invigorates your soul and reminds you that life is precious and worth living! We all left feeling inspired. The team make you feel apart of their family. Everything is always possible with rarely any barriers. It’s pure bliss. They will work to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. They all go above and beyond. The kindest people ever! I can not put into words how this place will change your life! Thank you so much. We will be back. We are already counting down the days.
Kristy Ann
Perth, Australia
November 2023