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Your Dream Vacation on Your Own Private Island Paradise in Palawan?! - by OURAWESOMEPLANET
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June 21, 2018

Yup, you read that right. I bet you didn’t know you could rent an entire island in the Philippines through Airbnb without breaking the bank. And yes we’ve all had...

Palawan’s Floral Island Resort is the Sanctuary You Need— by WhenInManila
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June 20, 2018

There’s something to be said for those instances in your life where you find that sanctuary you desperately need from forces that never seem to be under your control. For...

An Idyllic Palawan Escape by Pepe Samson
Guest Review |
December 13, 2017

All travelers will agree: as you explore more, your bucket list gets longer. Oftentimes, you get to a destination for the first time, armed with an itinerary and loads of...